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Driline provide a weekly local home delivery service.Please enter your FULL postcode, including space (e.g.,RM14 3ME) in the box below to check your area.You can also check delivery areas/days using the "What is my delivery day?" timetable just undeneath.If you cannot see postcode,don't worry, we still deliver to you with our extremely efficient courier service.

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Incontinence Products for personal use are exempt from VAT. This website is predominantly used by persons buying products for their own personal use (or on behalf of someone else for their own personal use) and therefore the prices displayed DO NOT include any VAT.
In some circumstances, where a large volume of products are purchased in one transaction it may be necessary for us to ask you to sign a declaration form stating the products are for personal use only. Don’t worry, if that is the case we will let you know and it is very straight forward.
Please be aware that a few of the products on this site are not exempt from VAT for anyone, for example Gloves. If you purchase any products that are not VAT exempt the prices displayed do include the VAT amount so you won’t get any surprises at checkout.
If you wish to purchase any products for commercial or business use, for example for a clinic or surgery then please contact us directly as VAT will be applicable and we will need to process your order for you. Call us on 01708 640200 or 01279 912008.

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