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Product Ranges / Classic Pads (Rectangular or Inserts)

Classic Pads (Rectangular or Inserts)

‘The Lille Classic Pad range consists of Classic Rectangular Pads and Special Insert (Booster) Pads and are a cost effective way of managing light to moderate urinary incontinence. The Classic ‘Rectangular’ Pads have a soft waterproof backing and adhesive strip to fit inside your own snug fitting underwear. The special Insert pads do not have any waterproof barrier and are designed to improve or boost absorbency by being used inside another product such as Pull up Pants or Diapers. They cannot be used on their own.

Product Name   Absorbancy Quantity Price Basket

Insert Mini

490 ml Pack 28 £4.95

Insert Mini – Case Deal

490 ml 4 x Packs 28 £15.95

Insert Extra

600 ml Pack 30 £6.25

Insert Extra – Case Deal

600 ml 4 x Packs 30 £19.95

Classic Rectangular Pad – Mini

400 ml Pack 28 £4.75

Classic Rectangular Pad – Mini – Case Deal

400 ml 8 x Packs 28 £31.95

Classic Rectangular Pad – Extra

722 ml Pack 28 £6.75

Classic Rectangular Pad – Extra – Case Deal

722 ml 4 x Packs 28 £21.95

Classic Rectangular Pad – Maxi

1250 ml Pack 30 £8.75

Classic Rectangular Pad – Maxi – Case Deal

1250 ml 4 x Packs 30 £28.95