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Plastic Bedding Protection

Incontinence bedding protection which is 100% waterproof . The mattress covers have elasticated edges so that it fits like a fitted sheet. Made from pvc it is treated with an antibacterial and antifungal agent to prevent the build up of moisture and bacteria. Although it is washable it can be wiped with a warm detergent solution or anti-bacterial spray. Dri Tech incontinence duvet and pillow covers are 100% waterproof, sealed with velcro and are easy to keep clean - just wipe over with any disinfectant. They will not crack or harden and will soften when in use.

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Fitted Mattress Cover

Single Pack 1 £10.50
  Double Pack 1 £14.50

Duvet Protector

Single Pack 1 £16.50
  Double Pack 1 £22.95

Pillow Cover

  Pack 2 £7.75