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Product Ranges / Allergon Bedding Protection

Allergon Bedding Protection

This is a best seller, a range of waterproof mattress protection. The top is soft absorbent 100% cotton terry: laminated to a waterproof, breathable, virtually undetectable polyurethane back soft to the touch and noiseless in use. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter anti allergy, dust mite proof and machine washable.

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Fitted Mattress Cover

Small Single - (2'6") Pack of 1 £17.00
  Std Single - (3ft) Pack of 1 £18.00
  Lg Single - (3'6") Pack of 1 £20.00
  Small Double - (4ft) Pack of 1 £22.00
  Std Double - (4'6") Pack of 1 £24.00
  King Size (5ft) Pack of 1 £26.00

Duvet Cover

Single Pack of 1 £49.95
  Double Pack of 1 £67.95
  King Size Pack of 1 £74.95


  Pack of 1 £8.95