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 Incontinence Products and Pads for Men and Women in Essex and the UK

At Dri Line Services we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices on all our incontinence products and  incontinence pads as well as excellent customer service. 

If you are not sure how to deal with bladder weakness or what incontinence products would suit you best,
remember that our customer care department is only a phone call away and we would be pleased to help 
you select which product will best suit your needs. We supply products for men and women.

Our comprehensive range of incontinence products includes washable and 
disposable bed pads, incontinence pads, incontinence pants, adult diapers
and a full range of bedding protection.
If you live in the one of the postoode areas listed below we offer a personal weekly home delivery service. For this service we only use our own, mature delivery drivers (no 3rd party couriers) and can accommodate specific delivery instructions including key codes where necessary. Please phone us on 01708 640200 or 01279 912008 for more information about this service or to place an order.
Postcode areas for home delivery - RM1 to 16,  CM12 to 24,  IG - All,  E4,6,11,12,18. We visit each of these areas every week, call to find your delivery day.
All orders placed on the website will automatically be dispatched by courier and normally received within 3 working days.

Incontinence Products

Incontinence is an issue for thousands of adults across the UK and affects millions of people around the world. As a personable, family-owned company based in Essex, Dri Line Services has been supplying incontinence pads and an ever-expanding range of incontinence products locally and nationally since 1992.

We?re proud of the reputation we?ve carved out for our firm since we set up shop and continually seek to provide our customers with the high level of care and commitment they expect from the south east?s leading supplier of incontinence pants, read more »

Incontinence Pants

Living with light, medium or heavy urinary incontinence can dramatically change anyone?s lifestyle. Dri Line believes that everyone has the right to feel clean, comfortable and worry-free at any time of night or day, which is why we?re quick to endorse the incontinence pants, chair covers and bed pads from leading brands such as Lille Healthcare, Robinson Healthcare, Allergon, Hartmann amongst others. The manufacturers behind these incontinence products have made sure that the contemporary incontinence pants on offer are both absorbent and discreet to minimalize discomfort.

Many of the incontinence pads available from Dri Line Services have been anatomically designed to suit your body shape, allowing for greater security. You?ll find that all of our incontinence products (including our incontinence pads for men) really reduce the risk of any embarrassing leaks thanks to their leg cuffs and multiple acquisition layers yet remain breathable and easy to wear throughout the day. Odour control is often a distressing issue for those living with incontinence but many of the incontinence pads available from our site are specifically designed to neutralise smells with the help of next-generation polymer materials.

Incontinence Pads

We stock both disposable and re-usable incontinence pads to cater for all individuals, but our collection goes beyond traditional incontinence pants to encompass bibs, wipes and even waterless shampoo and conditioner. We stock incontinence products from the most reputable suppliers in the industry and work closely with these companies to bring you the very best prices available. This is only one of the reasons why we now boast a huge pool of loyal customers who return for our products time and time again ? while we look to keep our incontinence products affordable, we also deliver a prompt and efficient delivery service and are able to provide expert product advice, information and recommendations to all either over the phone, via email or through our website.

Incontinence Pads For Men

Dri Line Services specialises in incontinence pads for men and women. Although the condition is often thought of as widespread amongst woman, incontinence pads for men are increasingly in demand. We?ve developed a diverse catalogue of incontinence pads for men to ensure that each and every individual can find a product that suits their needs.

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